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Scheduling made Easy using modern technology.

Tackling weekly schedules is no simple task. But it can be when you harness the power of TimeSimplicity and its rich feature set. Completely web-based with nothing to install, quick to set up and operate, and equally as quick to learn and teach your workforce—TimeSimplicity's ease of use and adoption quickly helps your investment pay for itself. (Download our ROI Worksheet.) Check out its features and benefits below.
TimeSimplicity's Shift Swap creates a virtual shift "trade board"

TimeSimplicity's Shift Swap feature essentially creates a trade board for your employees. In the past, time and money is wasted as employees lean on managers to figure out shift drops and swaps. Now, managers can quickly monitor and approve shift changes online with minimal involvement. No messy scratch-outs or schedule confusion.

And it's not only managers who love this feature. Shift/Swap promotes employee initiation and collaboration by putting these changes in the employees' hands. And let's be honest—we've all been in the position of not wanting to bother our managers to facilitate these type of changes. Getting this done with as little managerial involvement benefits everyone after all. So employees love the ability to be able to go online and request a drop or to send a swap request to another employee directly with other employees. And since Shift Swap utilizes TimeSimplicity's feature, other employees can immediately respond to any shift change requests.

Coverage, Saving Time, and Collaboration Features

  • Avoid scheduling employees for times they are unable to work. TimeSimplicity warns the scheduler of times employees are unable to or dislike working.
  • Quickly cover shifts using the Best Fit wizard. Just select a schedule or type in the times and position. The wizard will list those employees that can work the position and time and are within their weekly hourly allowance or overtime.
  • See at a glance if you have too many or too few shifts on a given, day, shift, position or hour using the Schedule Bar feature.
  • Segregate scheduling into workgroups for quick validation of coverage and departmental demands.
  • Avoid passing paper for schedule preferences, hours preferences, and schedule change requests using the Employee Self Service module
  • Fill last minute shifts in seconds
  • Print and send the schedule to your staff

Additional User Interface and Technical Features

  • Drag-n-drop shifts where you need them
  • View schedules by:
    • Any grouping of weeks, current to six-weeks out
    • Daily scheduling using Gantt chart styles—review coverage by position in hourly, ½-hour, 20-minute or 15-minute increments
    • Color-coordinate shifts for quick identification of times or position
  • Fits any screen and maximizes high resolution monitors. Supports resolutions from 1024 to 1920 vertical pixels.
  • Roles based security system
  • Input your daily hourly demands by position and have Schedule Bar display the difference between scheduled and standard. Color-code positive and negative results to quickly identify over/under scheduling.
  • Create Employee Filtering using the advanced Query feature. Filter the displayed employees using full Boolean logic expressions using the Wizard

Specializing in Time & Attendance, and HRMS for over 20+ years, STS is confident that web native time labor management is exactly what most businesses require to manage time & attendance, scheduling, and payroll front-end processing.
Almost half of all US businesses use an in-house payroll such as Oracle, SAP, QuickBooks©, Abra, Lawson, DacEasy, Accpac, MAS90©, CYMA, or Peachtree©.  Most of these firms want an affordable biometric Time Labor Management systems providing accuracy, speed, and reliability with a low cost of ownership.  Other half use a payroll services such as ADP, Ceridian or Paychex we work well for those firms also.
Biometric Time and Attendance Systems
With a  Biometric Attendance System from STS  your T&A solution will be providing needed functions and benefits within 2 to 3 months; saving effort and reducing payroll labor dollars will protecting you against outside agencies..
Biometric solutions plus web time entry (and time sheet approval) for managers increases the accuracy of time & labor data. This can be accomplished with a very affordable investment for any size firm. The biometric solutions, RSI or ASI hand punches, fingertip readers, and facial recognition solutions are quick to implement and easy to train on.
From scheduling, punch in, and log out, STS has your success in mind. Call us at 800-227-2729 or email us today at
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About Us:
Solutions Technology and Software, Inc. (STS) is focused on providing midsize American businesses, with time and attendance, payroll, and human resource systems for over 20 years.
Initially the systems we provided ran under Windows and interfaced with local service bureaus and popular payroll software products.  Over the past 15 years, more and more of our clients have moved the time and attendance systems in the
HR Payroll systems to web-based products that allow access from any browser, including those found on your smart phone (iPhone and Android) as well as the PC found in every office.
The clients that we provide time and attendance come to us for a number of reasons:

They are looking to make the processing of their payroll easier.

Looking for better security and making sure that employees only get paid for the time they actually work.

They are looking to avoid paying overtime by scheduling certain employees to work on that day and avoid overtime.

They wish to be in compliance with governmental laws and best practices when it comes to time and attendance.

They want a system to handle FLSA overtime which is the situation when employee works with multiple rates  during the week and the week as overtime for either a day or for the entire week or pay period.

They are looking for a system to replace the keying in of hours into an Excel spreadsheet or a payroll, time entry page.
Over the past few years, more and more of the clients are looking for an integrated payroll, time and attendance, human resource and recruitment software. Solutions Technology and Software, Inc. (STS) provides those systems for firms which may be delivered in either an install or software as a service (SaaS) basis.